Ýaşaýyş daragty saýtyna hoş geldiňiz!

Holy Scriptures

Here you can read books from the Holy Scriptures: the Torah, the Zebbur, and the Injil. The Torah tells us about Adam pygamber, Nuh pygamber, Ybraýym pygamber, Ýakup pygamber, Ýusup pygamber, Musa pygamber, Ýunus pygamber, Dawut pygamber, Suleýman pygamber, and several other prophets’ lives.

The Zebbur contain the songs written by pygamber (prophet) and king David, amongst others.

The Injil tells us about Isa Mesih’s life and all the miracles he performed. In this book you can find the truth about heaven and hell, eternal life and sin and how to be saved from it.

We hope that your interest in the Holy Scriptures will bring you great blessing!

*** Newly uploaded books: Acts, Romans, James and Revelation ***

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